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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do I begin planning a study abroad experience?

A. Students should attend one of the many information sessions or events offered by the Center for Global Education (CGE) before making an appointment. These sessions provide valuable information for beginning your planning process.

Q. What resources are available to assist me in the planning process?

A.You can begin to explore Wheaton study abroad options by utilizing the following:

  • The Global Peer Advisor Program: Study abroad returnees from diverse majors and countries of interest are available in the Center for one-on-one advising sessions each week.
  • Information Sessions & Events: The Center for Global Education offers a variety of general and region-specific sessions every semester.
  • Center Staff: Students can meet one-on-one to discuss study abroad opportunities after attending an information session or workshop.
  • Study Abroad Fair: Every fall semester in mid-September


Q.Can students from any major study abroad?
A.The answer is yes! Students from all majors and minors can consider study abroad. It takes careful planning to determine if your major and minor requirements can be fulfilled at a particular overseas program. You should attend an information session, review program and university materials, meet with your faculty advisor(s) to develop your plan of study, and discuss your plans with a Center for Global Education staff member before beginning the application process.

Q. When should I begin planning my study abroad experience?
A.It is never too early to start! For many overseas programs and universities, you may need to complete certain courses and continue language studies through the sophomore year. In the fall of the sophomore year students should begin to determine their major and regional interests. Students should monitor the application deadlines for their particular programs of interest by viewing the Center's web site.

Q. Can I study abroad as a senior?
A. All students are required to be in residence at the College during their last two semesters. In some cases, students may determine that study abroad during the senior year best supports their academic plans in their major and for their overall degree. It is possible to petition Wheaton's Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) requesting a waiver of one semester of the senior residency requirement (usually fall semester). Students must have strong faculty support to receive approval. Students should discuss their plans with the Center for Global Education and the major faculty advisor in order to begin this process.

Q. Can I use my financial aid on a study abroad program?
A.Students participating on Wheaton study abroad programs can utilize their federal and state aid, Merit Scholarships including Balfour, Community, Trustee, and loans. The only funding not available during study abroad is work-study. Students should consult staff in the Office of Student Financial Services (x8232) to evaluate eligibility and funding options available. Students should also consult with their advisor in the Center for Global Education about program specific scholarship opportunities.

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