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Plan Your Study Abroad

Your study abroad journey begins the moment you walk into the Center for Global Education for the first time.  Meeting with an advisor, researching programs, filling out applications, meeting deadlines, and packing, all take time and effort.  Along the way, you are learning new skills and preparing yourself for the experience of being abroad.  These skills will be useful later – whether applying for grants, scholarships, graduate school or a job, it is important to learn how your decisions about these opportunities could change your life!

With that said, the staff at the Center for Global Education is here to guide and assist you through that process.  Additionally, Wheaton students who have recently returned from study abroad provide valuable and timely information about the study abroad process and/or their specific program. Contact our Peer Advisors (by email or by coming to their office hour in the Center for Global Ed.) for up-to-date, important information that will assist you*. The links to the right outline some of the steps necessary to help you achieve your goals of spending a semester or year abroad. Please feel free to contact the Center if you have any questions (ext. 4950). Welcome to the first steps to the one of the best experiences you can give yourself.

*Please use students' Wheaton College email addresses (last name_first name)

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