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French Studies



Language and culture courses

Students who have studied French before are placed in these courses according to their performance on the Wheaton placement test. Enrollment in each section is limited to 20 students. (Prior to fall 2010, French 102, 211 and 221 were yearlong courses.)
FR 101 Elementary French I
FR 102 Elementary French II
FR 201 French in Review I
FR 202 French in Review II
FR 221 Read and Converse I
FR 222 Read and Converse II

Introductory culture and literature courses

Intended for students who have studied French for three or four years in secondary school, whose placement scores indicate comparable preparation or who have completed French 221 (with permission of the instructor) or French 222.
FR 235 Postcolonial Encounters
FR 236 Introduction to Early French Literature
FR 245 Contemporary France
FR 246 Introduction to French Cinema

Advanced culture and literature courses

Before enrolling in a 300-level course, students should have completed at least two of the three required courses at the 200 level (French 235, 236 and 245). Prerequisites may be waived by the instructor for students with special preparation.
FR 307 Translation, Art and Craft
FR 320 From François I to François Mitterrand: A Cultural History of Politics and Architecture
FR 327 Moralists and Misanthropes, Sociability and Individualism in Literature of the Ancien Régime
FR 329 French Chanson from Roland to Rap
FR 331 Other Voices, Other Stories: Great Works by Women from France and the Francophone World
FR 347 Literature, the Arts and Society from the Dreyfus Affair to Vichy
FR 349 Les Trente Glorieuses
FR 352 The Quill and the Brush
FR 398 Experimental Courses

Other courses

FR 299 Independent Study

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