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Major requirements

The major consists of 11 courses, a senior seminar, 4 core courses and at least 2 eligible 300-level courses1.

There are multiple pathways through the Film and New Media Studies major. Students are strongly encouraged to work with the Film and New Media Studies advisor to plan out the most suitable program of study for them based on individual interests and learning goals.

1All 300-level courses listed below count toward the Film and Media Studies major; however, only those courses marked with asterisks** satisfy the 300-level requirement.

Film and New Media Studies major worksheet

Core courses

ENG 231 Introduction to New Media
ENG 258 Introduction to Film Studies
ARTS 260 Production I: Visual Storytelling with Film and Video
or ARTS 261 Video Production I
COMP 115 Robots, Games and Problem Solving
or COMP 161 Web Programming, Graphics and Design

ENG 401 or FNMS 401 Senior Seminar

One course each from Area A, B and C.

Three additional courses from any of the four areas.

Area A: Theory, History and Criticism

ENG 249 Hollywood Genres
ENG 250 Film History I: Cinema to 1940
ENG 257 Race and Racism in United States Cinema
**ENG 331 Digital Culture
**ENG 348 Sexual Politics of Film Noir
**ENG 376 Literary and Cultural Theory
**MUSC 316 Music, Sound and the Moving Image
SOC 175 Media and Society
SOC 305 Community in the Digital Age

Area B: Techniques and Technologies

ARTS 262 Screenwriting
ARTS 264 Introduction to Animation
ARTS 299 Special Topics in Film/Video Production
**ARTS 360 Film Production II
**ARTS 399 Special Topics in Film/Video Production
*COMP 115 Robots, Games and Problem Solving
COMP 116 Data Structures
COMP 131 Computing for Poets
COMP 155 Intelligent Systems
*COMP 161 Web Programming, Graphics and Design
FNMS 244 Visualizing Cultural Data

*If not used as a core course requirement.

Area C: Global and Regional Contexts

ENG 251 Introduction to World Cinema
**ENG 355 Global Cinemas
**ENG 356 Third Cinema
FR 246 Introduction to French Cinema
GER 267 Lulu, Lola and Leni: Women of German Cinema
GER 273 Film and German Culture
ITAS 320 Italian Cinema
RUSS 282 Russian Film

Area D: Approved Film and New Media Studies Electives

ARTH 240 Art of the Avant-Gardes, 1900-1945: France, Germany, Italy and Russia
ARTH 250 Modernism and Mass Culture in France, 1848-1914
ARTH 335 Exhibition Design

ECON 288 Foundations of Political Economy
ENG 285 Journalism
ENG 290 Approaches to Literature and Culture
MGMT 205 or MGMT 350 Marketing
MUSC 272 African American Originals I: Spirituals, Blues and All That Jazz
MUSC 273 African American Originals II: Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Contemporary Jazz
MUSC 275 A History of Popular Music in the U.S.A.
MUSC 292 Broadway Bound: American Musical Theatre
POLS 331 Principles of Political Advertising
PSY 222 Cognition
PSY 312 Perception
SOC 282 Visual Sociology

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