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Foreign Language Course Substitution

Students with documented learning disabilities that specifically impact their ability to learn a foreign language can petition for a modification of the College's foreign language requirement. The procedure is as follows:

Provide the Coordinator of Academic Support and Disability Services with documentation that is recent and comprehensive and substantiates the specific learning disability and it's impact on the student's ability in the area of foreign language acquisition.

The Coordinator will review the documentation, the student's past history in foreign language courses (from high school until the date of the petition), and determine if the course substitution is warranted.

If warranted, the student can choose two courses across the curriculum within the same culture that are taught in English in consultation with the Coordinator.

The student must complete a petition to the Committee on Academic Standing. The Coordinator is available to help students complete the petition to ensure they have included all of the necessary information. The petition should include the following relevant information:

  • a personal statement by the student indicating the reasons for the request, including prior experiences with the subject matter.
  • the alternative courses the student has chosen in consultation with the Coordinator.

The Coordinator will submit the petition to the Registrar for approval.

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