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Requesting Accessible Media

Each semester students must:

Have on file or submit current documentation (within three years) to the Office of Disability Services that specifically identifies accommodations inclusive of accessible media such as books on CD/tape, scanned materials for use with text to speech software or Braille versions of books.

Complete the Accessible Media Services Request Form, attach schedule, list of books including title, author, publisher and edition. Returning students must submit course registration schedule within six weeks prior to the start of classes and submit any schedule revisions after add/drop period ends if necessary.

Submitting your schedule within the designated time frame will increase the likelihood of receiving your accessible media within the first three weeks of classes, with the exception of those courses which are changed over the add/drop period.

Please note that the turn-around-time to acquire alternate formats may be 4 to 6 weeks. so early requests are essential.

Here is a brief summary of the most common accessible media options:


Access to Bookshare is a privilege, and it is based on a social bargain between the publishers and authors and the disability community. It's important to not redistribute these accessible media to other individuals, regardless of whether or not they would qualify for Bookshare. Students must abide by these restrictions and agree that these accessible media are for their sole use. Bookshare inserts digital fingerprints in the accessible media to prevent copyright violations. If a copyright violation occurs, Bookshare services will be discontinued for the specific student associated with the violation, with the potential of civil and criminal liability.

There are two forms of membership available:

Organizational Membership
You agree to be included on a membership roster in order for you to receive accessible media. You will receive a book file with a password to unzip the file from the Coordinator, the downloaded copy will be deleted.

Individual Membership
Upon authorization and signing a Member Agreement for students over the age of eighteen, you have the option to receive a library card for a Bookshare account. You will need to register for Bookshare with you own login information.

Learning Ally

Students must register individually to become members of the Learning Ally. Students can download the membership application form from the website and complete the form prior to reviewing with the Coordinator for authorization.
Wheaton will pay for the initial membership fee and subsequent annual renewal fee while the student is actively registered for classes at Wheaton. The student has the option to maintain their membership after graduating from Wheaton. The student will receive a membership number which allows access to the catalog on line. Students can log in and order their accessible media directly from Learning Ally.


Individual students must register with CourseSmart on line to access accessible media.

Publisher Permission

When accessible media cannot be located via the above sources the publisher must be contacted to request permission to release an electronic version of the text. This requires that the student must meet with the Coordinator to complete the publishers permission form which must be sent to the publisher for authorization to access an electronic version of the book.


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