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Major Requirements

Creative Writing and Literature major worksheet

Students who intend to major in Creative Writing and Literature should meet with the director of the creative writing program during the second semester of their first year. Students must submit a portfolio during the first semester of their junior year. Guidelines are available in the English Department. Please note that all 300-level and 400-level major requirements must be taken at Wheaton.

The major consists of at least 11 courses.

ENG 290 Approaches to Literature and Culture

One pre-1800 course:
ENG 207 Medieval Literature: Beowulf and Others
ENG 208 Anglo-Saxon Literature
ENG 224 Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture
ENG 273 Malcontents, Monarchy and Revenge in Early Modern Drama
ENG 274 Restoration Theatre and Beyond
ENG 309 Shakespeare and the Performance of Cultures
ENG 310 Shakespeare and the Company He Keeps
ENG 313 Renaissance Poetry
ENG 320 Beowulf
ENG 325 The Eighteenth-Century Novel
ENG 326 Eighteenth-Century Poetry: Epic, Satire and Wit, 1660-1798

One contemporary literature course:
ENG 243 Science Fiction
ENG 244 Contemporary Caribbean Literature in English
ENG 247 Feminist Fiction
ENG 252 Contemporary Drama: The Tip of the Iceberg
ENG 256 The Novel in Multi-Ethnic America
ENG 341 Public Poetry, Private Poetry
ENG 346 Postmodern American Literature: The Pursuit of Meaning: Process and Provocation
ENG 347 The Mothership has Landed: Black Speculative Fiction

Five creative writing courses, including at least two at the 300-level or above:
CW 281 Creative Nonfiction
CW 282 Literary Translation
CW 283 Poetry Writing: Form and Craft
CW 284 Fiction Writing: Form and Craft
CW 287 Writing for Performance
CW 288 Playwriting: Form and Craft
CW 289 Word and Image
CW 383 Advanced Poetry Workshop
CW 384 Advanced Fiction Workshop
CW 388 Advanced Playwriting
CW 399 Independent Writing

These five courses must include at least one 200- and 300-level sequence (e.g. CW 283 and CW 383, or CW 284 and CW 384, or CW 288 and CW 388). With the permission of the instructor, students who have successfully completed an Advanced Writing Workshop in Poetry (CW 383), Fiction (CW 384), or Playwriting (CW 388) may take the course a subsequent time as a 399.

One additional literature course.

One additional 300-level course.

ENG 401 Senior Seminars

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