Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Creative Writing



Creative Writing Workshops

CW 281 Creative Nonfiction
CW 282 Literary Translation
CW 283 Poetry Writing: Form and Craft
CW 284 Fiction Writing: Form and Craft
CW 287 Writing for Performance
CW 288 Playwriting: Form and Craft
CW 289 Word and Image
CW 299 Independent Study
CW 383 Advanced Poetry Workshop
CW 384 Advanced Fiction Workshop
CW 388 Advanced Playwriting
CW 399 Independent Study
CW 499 Independent Writing

Interview Courses

CW 001 Interview for Creative Nonfiction
CW 002 Interview for Poetry Writing: Form and Craft
CW 003 Interview for Fiction Writing: Form and Craft
CW 004 Interview for Writing for Performance
CW 005 Interview for Playwriting: Form and Craft
CW 006 Interview for Word and Image
CW 007 Interview for Advanced Poetry Workshop
CW 008 Interview for Advanced Fiction Workshop
CW 009 Interview for Advanced Playwriting
CW 010 Interview for Literary Translation

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