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Wheaton Foundation Grant Application Guidelines

Wheaton Foundation Grants have helped students:

  • cover course-related conference fees and travel costs;
  • buy materials and equipment for research;
  • travel to research sites; and
  • compensate research subjects.


All Wheaton students, regardless of class year, are eligible as long as they are in good academic standing.

Steps for submitting your proposal:

  1. Prepare a title for your proposal.
  2. Prepare a PDF document proposal which includes the following sections: Goals (50 words or less), brief description of your proposal, and an itemized budget.
  3. Complete the required information on the automated document, uploading your PDF proposal where indicated.
  4. Request a letter of support from a faculty member (send email to jrazee@wheatonma.edu. It is most helpful if the letter addresses the value and relevance of your request to your academics at Wheaton.) This support letter must arrive on the deadline date as indicated, so please be considerate and give the faculty member the time to get it done. Do not wait until the last minute.

Quick Facts:

  • Funds must be used to cover expenses incurred in the semester of application.
  • Receipts will be required to access your funds should you be awarded a grant.
  • Expenses incurred during January/summer are not eligible for funding through the Wheaton Foundation Grants.
  • Applicants may apply during both the fall and spring semesters; however, priority will be given to first-time applicants.
  • Grant requests are limited to a maximum of $250 per student per year.
  • Group submissions are welcome but costs per student must be justified.
  • The Committee on Academic Standing may limit the use of/deny funds for expenses judged inappropriate for this grant.
  • Any equipment purchased on this grant will become property of the department involved and any books purchased become the property of the Wheaton Library.

Questions? Want to be sure your application submitted properly?
Contact: jrazee@wheatonma.edu

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