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Courses for Non-majors

BIO 101 An Introduction to Biology
BIO 105 Nutrition (may also be a related course in the major)
BIO 106 Human Anatomy (for pre PT, PA, and nursing; may also be a "related" course in the major)
BIO 110 Ponds to Particles I
BIO 115 Natural History of New England Forests

Courses for Biological Science Majors

BIO 111 Evolution and Ecology
BIO 112 Cells and Genes
BIO 201 Environmental Science
BIO 211 Genetics
BIO 215 Ecology
BIO 219 Cell Biology
BIO 221 Microbiology
BIO 226/PSY 226 Comparative Animal Behavior
BIO 227/PSY 227 Drugs and Behavior
BIO 231 Marine Biology
BIO 242/COMP 242 DNA
BIO 244 Introductory Physiology
BIO 252 Parasitology and Symbiosis
BIO 254 Developmental Biology
BIO 255 Vertebrate Evolution and Anatomy
BIO 261 Economic Botany
BIO 262 Plant Biology
BIO 303 Evolution
BIO 305 Biochemistry
BIO 316 Molecular Biology and Genomics
BIO 317 Molecular Ecology and Evolution
BIO 318 Tropical Field Biology
BIO 320 Evolution of Invertebrates
BIO 321 Immunology
BIO 324 Neurobiology
BIO 330 Comparative Biomechanics
BIO 364 Freshwater and Marine Botany
BIO 375 Ornithology
BIO 405/CHEM 405 Senior Seminar in Biochemistry

Senior Seminars

BIO 401 Senior Seminar
BIO 402 Senior Seminar

Honors Thesis

BIO 500 Honors Research (two or more semesters)
Honors Thesis Resources

Marine Studies Consortium and Off-Campus Courses

BIO 290 Biology of Whales*
BIO 291 Introduction to Marine Mammals*
BIO 380 Wetlands Ecology, Hydrology, Restoration*
BIO 390 Biology of Fishes*

Others Courses

BIO 099 Selected Topics
BIO 198 Experimental Courses
BIO 199 Selected Topics
BIO 298 Experimental Courses
BIO 299 Selected Topics
BIO 398 Experimental Courses
BIO 399 Selected Topics
BIO 499 Independent Research (one semester)

*Offered through the Marine Studies Consortium.

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