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Students pursuing the biochemistry major will acquire a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics (see Major requirements).  Using this knowledge, they will then engage in coursework specific to biochemistry, which is a unique outgrowth of these disciplines.   The Biochemistry course (BIO 305/CHEM 305) and Topics in Biochemistry seminar (CHEM 405/BIO 405) are typically taken in the junior or senior year, and are the culmination of the major.


BIO 305/CHEM 305 Biochemistry 

The chemistry and metabolism of biological molecules. The laboratory will introduce the student to concepts and techniques of isolation and characterization of biomolecules, enzyme kinetics, and genetic engineering.


CHEM 405/BIO 405 Topics in Biochemistry 

Selected topics from contemporary biochemistry, including protein structure and function, nucleic acid damage and repair. The course focuses on reading and interpretation of primary literature in biochemistry and serves as the capstone for the biochemistry major.

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