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  • @ElizaBTweetin: July 4, 1873: Subdued Celebration

    In 1873, Wheaton's newest graduates did not flee the campus as quickly as they do today.  On July 4, two days after Commencement, Mrs. Wheaton hosted lunch and tea for several members of the Class of 1873. Her beloved niece Mary brought along Mary Bachelder, Ella Stearns, and Winifred Marvle. Winifred, or "Win" as Mrs. […] More »
  • @ElizaBTweetin: July 2, 1873: Public Examination & Graduation

    Another warm day as Wheaton Seminary students participated in the day-long Public Examination. The next day, the entire Wheaton community marched to the commencement ceremony.  Many seminaries and colleges required their students to read original essays and poems before an audience of their fellow students, teachers, trustees, alumnae, parents and friends as part of the […] More »
  • @ElizaBTweetin: June 25, 1873: Graduates' Tea

    Eliza has been preparing for the Graduates’ Tea for several days. The hot dry weather sent her to Chilson’s Gardens in Mansfield for additional flowers, but the lack of any purchases in her cashbook indicates that the drought had affected their plants as well. She baked a cake, perhaps her favorite Park Street Cake (pound […] More »
  • @ElizaBTweetin: June 15, 1873: Rev. Constantine Blodgett, D.D.

    Once again, Eliza Wheaton hosts a visiting preacher for the Trinitarian Congregational Church in the person of the Rev. Dr. Constantine Blodgett.  Arriving on Sat., Blodgett preached twice on Sunday, and left early Monday morning. Eliza notes that his morning sermon was based on 2 Cor. 8-14, urging forgiveness and repentance. In the afternoon his […] More »
  • @ElizaBTweetin: June 12, 1873: Photograph in Boston

    Another busy day in Boston.  Eliza Wheaton took her sister Mary to the city, where, as usual, Eliza visited one of her many banks. This time, she drew on the Merchants Savings Institution for carpeting for the Trinitarian Congregational Church. Then the real work began: choosing the carpeting (for which she paid $200). They met […] More »
  • @ElizaBTweetin: June 3, 1873: Whitinsville, MA

    Eliza B. Wheaton visited her family in Uxbridge in early June 1873.  Her train ticket from Providence to Uxbridge cost $.85, her lunch a whopping $.15, and she gave $.40 to the porter.  On the way back, she paid $.80 for lunch and gave only $.15 to the porter.  Perhaps she brought gifts whenever she […] More »
  • @ElizaBTweetin: June 1, 1873: The Madura Mission

    Today Eliza Baylies Chapin Wheaton attended a Seminary concert to benefit the Madura Mission, paying five dollars for her ticket. The Ceylon Mission of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions founded the Madura Mission in 1834 for the Tamil people of South India (the Tamils of South India and Ceylon [Sri Lanka] share […] More »
  • New Exhibits Available Online

    Archives student assistants have been working very hard to make our collections more visible. Because of their effort we have a new digital exhibit available on Mary Louise Miller Spang's, class of 1933, life as a composer, and coming soon "Students, No Longer Dates" a reflection on Wheaton's decision to become coeducational. More »
  • @ElizaBTweetin: May 16, 1873: Spring Planting

    Since the end of April, Eliza Wheaton has been purchasing seeds, fruit trees, shrubs, and plants for her garden.  Not satisfied with what she could find locally, she went to Boston in search of shrubs.  What did she buy, and how much did she spend? April 26:   Dan’l Cobb for 12 Peach Trees      $  1.50 […] More »
  • @ElizaBTweetin: May 8, 1873: Trustees' Meeting

    Eliza Wheaton’s laconic diary entries seldom grant more than a glimpse of the back story.  She mentions a visit with a favorite (and favored) Trustee and his wife, the Rev. Alfred and Martha Vose Emerson, and that the Trustees’ Meeting was held in her Drawing Room, but what was the subject of their conversations?  The […] More »