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Major requirements

Anthropology major worksheet

The major in anthropology consists of 10 courses that must include the following four core courses:

ANTH 102 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 301 Seminar in Anthropological Theory
ANTH 302 Research Methods
ANTH 401 Senior Seminar

Six electives that must include:

At least one world culture area course from the following list:
ANTH 225 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANTH 235 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 245 Indigenous Movements of Latin America
ANTH 255 Gender in Africa
ANTH 275 Peoples and Cultures of the Himalaya
ANTH 295 Peoples and Cultures of South Asia

And one 300-level elective:
ANTH 333 Economic Anthropology
ANTH 340 Seminar on Religion in Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 350 Gender and Social Organization
ANTH 357 Indigenous Religions

ANTH 101 is highly recommended. Majors who have taken a first-year seminar with a member of the Anthropology Department faculty may petition to count the FYS towards credit for the major.

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