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Wheaton Refugee Scholarship

Wheaton College in Massachusetts is committed to improving the world through new ideas and educational opportunity.  We care deeply about assembling a global community of scholars that represents the widest possible range of viewpoints, not the least of which are the perspectives of students fleeing persecution and conflict in their home countries.

The Wheaton Refugee Scholarship will cover all costs of attendance and will be awarded to a refugee student from a war-torn nation who is able to obtain a visa to the United States. The scholarship is only available for undergraduate study as Wheaton College does not offer Graduate or PhD programs.

Selection preference will be for a qualified student from one of the seven nations outlined in the president’s recent executive order on immigration: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.  These students have faced extraordinary hardships and we believe it is our responsibility as global educators to make this commitment at this time.

Last year, Wheaton awarded $41.4 million dollars to our domestic and international students in the form of merit and need-based financial aid.  This additional scholarship is an incremental scholarship and does not detract from our commitment to others in our applicant pool.  Rather, it further expands our commitment to access to higher education.

Qualified students currently seeking entrance to the United States will be prioritized in reviewing applications for the Wheaton Refugee Scholarship, should the executive order on immigration be lifted in the near future.  Should the ban remain, qualified refugees from these or other war torn nations who are currently living in the United States will be considered.

The application deadline for the Refugee Scholarship has passed; we are no longer accepting applications.  All students who have submitted an application will receive notice of their admission decision by April 1, 2017.

For more information, contact our Office of Admission at admission@wheatoncollege.edu.

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