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Early Decision/Early Action

Early Decision

If Wheaton is your first choice among the colleges you are considering, you may wish to apply as an Early Decision candidate. Be sure to check the Early Decision box on the application.

Wheaton's Early Decision plan is a binding agreement and you will be expected to enroll at Wheaton if you are admitted. Note that your high school counselor and parent/guardian also must sign the Early Decision Agreement form, available at the Common Application Web site.

If you wish to apply Early Decision, you must submit your application and the signed Early Decision Agreement by November 15. You will be notified of the committee’s decision by December 15. If you are admitted, you are expected to enroll and to withdraw all other college applications by January 5, 2015. If the committee feels that additional information (e.g., second marking period grades) will be needed to evaluate your candidacy, action on your application may be deferred to the regular decision pool.

Early Decision candidates who are applying for financial aid must submit the PROFILE and tax returns. Accepted ED applicants who qualify for financial aid will receive an estimated award in December based on this information. Between January 1 and February 1, they must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form as well as previous year tax returns in order to finalize their financial aid award.

Non-U.S. citizen ED candidates wishing to apply for financial aid must submit the International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) and Certification of Finances (COF) form by November 15. Accepted students will receive a financial aid notification in December.

Early Action
If you're not ready to commit to Early Decision admission, but would like your admission decision before April 1, Early Action (EA) is a great option. Submit your application under Wheaton's non-binding EA plan by November 15, and you'll receive your admission decision by January 15. You'll still be free to submit applications to other colleges and you'll have until May 1 to make your final selection if you are admitted.

February 1 is the EA financial aid application deadline for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. For non-U.S. citizens applying for EA admission, the deadline is December 15. Please note that financial aid awards will be sent to all accepted Early Action applicants in late March.

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