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Academic Planning Guide


Advancement Placement credits

AP Exam Wheaton Course Number Credit Foundation
Art: 3D ARTS 112 1.01
Art: Drawing ARTS 198 1.01
Art: General ARTS 100 1.01
Art History ARTH 100 1.02
Biology BIO 100 1.0
Calculus AB MATH 101 1.04 QA
Calculus BC MATH 101 1.04 QA
Chemistry CHEM 100 1.0
Computer Science A COMP 100 1.0 QA
Computer Science AB COMP 198 1.0 QA
English: Lang/Comp ENG 101 1.0 WR
English: Lit/Comp ENG 101 1.0 WR
Environmental Science BIO 198 1.0
European History HIST 198 1.0
French Language FR 100 1.05
French Literature FR 198 1.02 FL2
German Language GER 100 1.03 FL3
Government: Comparative POLS 115 1.0
Government: US POLS 101 1.0
Human Geography ANTH 198 1.0
Italian Lang/Liter  ITAL 100 1.03 FL3
Latin Literature LAT 198 1.03 FL3
Latin: Virgil LAT 100 1.03 FL3
Macroeconomics ECON 101 1.0
Microeconomics ECON 102 1.0
Music Theory MUSC 114 1.0
Physics: B PHYS 100 1.0
Physics C: E&M PHYS 198 1.0
Physics C: Mechanics PHYS 100 1.0
Psychology PSY 101 1.0
Spanish Language HISP 100 1.03 FL3
Spanish Literature HISP 198 1.03 FL3
Statistics MATH 141 1.0 QA
US History HIST 198 1.0
World History HIST 198 1.0


1 Credit is only awarded for a score of 5, and this credit award is contingent upon a PORTFOLIO REVIEW by the Art Department at Wheaton in August.

2 A score of 4 earns students general art history credit. If planning on majoring in art history, this credit will not count towards the major. If you plan to major in art history, a score of 5 will count as one of the two 100-level courses required for the major. Meet with the department chair for more information and the appropriate next art history course.

2 Pending completion of an upper-level course.

 3Cannot earn credit for both AB and BC Calculus.

For provisional (pending) awards, the credit is not posted until the conditions have been met. If credit is dependent upon the outcome of a portfolio review, the appropriate department chair should be contacted after the first week of the semester.

If the completion of an upper-level course is required—typical for foreign language credit—the student's record will be evaluated at the end of each semester until the condition is met. Please consult with the appropriate department to determine which courses fulfill the upper-level course requirement.

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