We offer two majors and two minors.

The Russian Studies major
[Changes to that major, not yet reflected on the official Wheaton page above: the courses that can be taken for the major from other affiliated departments have changed — they now include ECON 288  Foundations of Political Economy, ECON 305  International Finance, HIST 215  History of Russia, POLS 109  International Relations, MUS 311  Western Music II, REL 285  Russian Jewish Culture, all great choices] The Russian Studies major is a broad-based, interdisciplinary course of study. Students acquire a basic knowledge of Russian and former Soviet culture, language and literature combined with economics, history and politics.

The Russian Language and Literature major
[recent changes: we are starting to count Russian Language classes from Intermediate] This is our traditional major, designed to provide students with a sound knowledge of Russian language, culture and literature.

The Minor in Russian Language
requires a total of five courses done entirely in Russian. One must be at the 300-level

The Minor in Russian language and literature [to be renamed Russian Studies minor]
requires a total of five courses, but allows you to do one, possibly two, culture course(s) in English.

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