Located on the 4th floor rooftop of the Mars Center for Science & Technology, the Wheaton College Greenhouse serves as a teaching collection featuring plants spanning a wide range of taxonomic diversity, ecological adaptations and economic importance. The greenhouse is also used as a research facility for student and faculty experiments and as a living collection for public outreach.

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In addition to four climate-controlled rooms, the greenhouse also contains four reach-in growth chambers.

Past student research in the greenhouses and growth chambers includes:

  • Plant response to fertilizers and light intensity
  • Genetic inheritance in consecutive generations
  • Dormant wetland seed germination
  • Cross pollination of Rapid-Cycling Brassica strains
  • Algae growth in different pH environments
  • Bean growth with Tobacco Mosaic Virus
  • Growth of albino corn for genetics studies
  • Seed bank studies

Alumni, students, staff, faculty and off-campus groups are welcome to tour the greenhouse.

Contact Ben Robbins at robbins_benjamin@wheatoncollege.edu with any questions or to schedule a time to visit.


Temperate Greenhouse
Research Greenhouse
Rainforest Greenhouse
Desert Greenhouse
Student experiments


Student seed bank research
Student experiments in growth chamber
The Wheaton College Greenhouse collection has some interesting and unique plants.


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