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Wheaton Fellow Dishes on Writing

Posted on October 14, 2013

Photo of Angie SarhanWheaton-Emerson Writing Fellow Angie Sarhan will offer a faculty/staff brown bag lunch discussion on student peer review this Wednesday, October 16 in Emerson PDR 1 and 2. Several students will join Angie, who teaches First-Year Writing and Writing for Multi-Lingual Speakers of English. Angie will share strategies designed to help faculty and students get the most from peer reviews and to see, as Angie puts it, that "peer review is about so much more than proofreading." The talk will explore how peer reviews teach writers to clarify their own meanings and purposes while also giving them a concrete sense of audience.

This brown bag is the first in a series of Wheaton-Emerson Fellow presentations about the teaching of writing.

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