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Quirky tidbits that are good to know

Note: This is a starting set of tips; we hope you'll share yours with us, too.

  1. Line breaks: Press the "return" key to get a paragraph break. Hold down the "shift" key while pressing "return" (shift-return) if you want a single link break instead. Note that you must be in the visual editor editor for this.
  2. In general, it's good practice to keep things simple. Use plain copy and let WordPress and the college's styles work for you. Please do not underline text, use colored type fonts, or center-align your page copy. Limit your use of exclamation points.
  3. Headings: To add a heading to your page's copy, highlight the words you'd like as the heading, and select the heading format from the toolbar's "Format" drop-menu. "Heading 3" is the most commonly used heading for Wheaton's pages. (We use "Heading 2" for sections and "Heading 3" for paragraphs, "Heading 1" is reserved for page titles only, and headings 4 through 6 are not allowed at this time.)
  4. Backgrounds: The "styles" drop-menu offers a few subtle background colors for use in your page's Related column and Sidebar.
  5. Copy-Paste from text or Word: When you copy-paste from another application, your copy may include unwanted formatting. Use these icons from your toolbar to rid yourself of that "glop": Toolbar icon for Paste from text, word; clear formatting
    Always check your work after publishing it to be sure it looks the way you intended.
  6. Sidebar behavior: A page's sidebar will automatically display any "child" pages assigned to it, if any.
  7. Media: We encourage you to include slideshows, videos and audio on your site. It's a good idea to talk with us about this the first time so we can set you off on the right path.
  8. Media Library: The "Replace media" option is very handy when you want to swap out an old file for a new version.
  9. Code: We have a few shortcode options (such as getnews).
  10. It's helpful to have a good example to follow. Please ask us about our gallery of sites that demonstrate effective use of features.

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