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Edit an existing page

Each page in your site has been considered carefully, and the site's structure built around them. Whenever possible, create News posts instead of new pages. Posts get the word out while keeping your site's structure clean and simple—helping you stay organized.

Sign in to edit your page:

  1. If you are not on campus, you will need to use Wheaton's virtual private network (VPN).
  2. Use your browser to navigate to your page and scroll to the bottom. Click the Editor Login link that appears faintly in the page footer, and sign in using your wID and email password. You can not sign in to pages you aren't authorized to edit.
  3. Review the title of the page. Move within the body block (the first block of text) to the section you wish to edit. Be sure the Visual tab is selected.

Use the basic editor toolbar to handle most of what you need to do.

image of basic editing toolbar

Its most commonly-used buttons allow you to:

  1. bold and italicize text: image for bold and italicize buttons
  2. format a list so it has bulleted or ordered items: image of bullet and ordered list buttons

Clicking the "Kitchen Sink" button turns this handy toolbar on and off.

Once-in-a-while, you may need to do more. When you do, click the kitchen sink button image of kitchen sink button to display (or hide) a useful secondary menu. This menu allows you to:

image of kitchen sink toolbar

  1. apply a style to a block of text
  2. copy-paste text from a text file or a Word file without bringing in all kinds of "glop" (note: your mileage may vary)
  3. erase existing formatting
  4. insert a symbol (such as an ellipsis or an em-dash)
  5. undo your previous step

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