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It's almost always better to publish your content in a webpage—and not in a PDF file. WordPress allows you to update your content easily and quickly—and gives you opportunities to enrich it with media. It allows readers to access your content using almost any device.

That said, if you absolutely have to control how your content looks, you may choose to offer it as a PDF file. An example might be if you want to retain the design of the trifold brochure your office distributes.

One word of caution: If you want to update that PDF later on, you'll have to work with the original file and its creating application (such as Word). After you update the file in its original form, you'll need to re-save it and upload it again. For this reason, and to make your information as accessible as possible, we strongly encourage you to publish the vast majority of your college content as posts (for example, news stories) and pages.

For those occasions when you really do need a PDF, it's easy to include a link to it on your Wheaton webpage.

We'll be happy to talk with you about preparing your file. Considerations include save and export options, embedding type fonts to help control your file's size, making your content search-able and including a Table of Contents.

Adding a PDF file to your page is similar to adding an image:

  1. Navigate to the page where you'd like the PDF link to appear and sign in. Of course, you can sign in only if you have an editor account for that page.
  2. Select "Edit the page" in the page footer.
  3. Click once where you want to a link to your PDF to appear.
  4. Click the "Add an image" icon.  Add an image icon
  5. Locate the PDF on your computer (if it's a file you have uploaded previously, look for it in your site's Media Library).
  6. Be sure to give your file a short and clear filename. Don't worry; you can change it later if you like.
  7. Insert the PDF file and update your page.
  8. View the page to check your work.
  9. Your file will appear in the Media Library's index with an icon like this: icon for PDF file

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