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Add a link

To add a link to any page or post, highlight the words you want to be "hot"; these words will act as the link.

The chain-link tool will light up on the editing toolbar. Button to create a link

Complete the information on the screen. It's easy and accurate to copy-paste the target page's URL. Include a title (important for those using screen readers or browsing with images turned off) and save your work.

When you create a link to a page located on Wheaton's site, select "Open link in the same window" as shown in the short video below.

When you create a link to a page located external to Wheaton's site, select "Open link in a new window" instead.

Adding an email address

Perhaps you'd like to offer an easy way for readers to contact your department by email. You can create a link as outlined above. Use your contact email address as the URL, using this construction: mailto:email-address@goes.here.

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