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Site Conversion Worksheet

Site conversion worksheet

  • The exact, plain-English name of the site (department, program, office, ...). This text will appear in the site banner. For example, "Office of the President" or "Biology" or "Student Financial Services".
  • The root-relative path to this WordPress site. For instance, "/president/" or "/biology/". The path should be lowercase. Note: sites will initially be created with "draft-" in front of their paths.
  • The root-relative path to the current site on the Wheaton web. For instance, "/acad/biology/".
  • The person who is primarily responsible for the maintenance of the site.
  • An additional person who is trained to maintain the site.
  • The department head responsible for this site, who is also the person who must sign off before the site is made live.
  • Select from the banner palette.
  • Tentative schedule

  • Conversion planning

  • Describe anything relevant to the conversion of this site to WordPress.

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