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Today's traffic report

Posted on May 5, 2010

Don't assume that if you aren't looking at your Wheaton web pages, no one else is either. 72,951 unique visitors read the college's web pages last month alone! They made 267,083 visits and viewed pages 892,644 times, spending more than four minutes per visit.

Paying attention to improving your department's website makes a positive difference. A Wheaton student sent us this note during his preceptor training last year:

"I really was happy and impressed with what I saw. The Filene Center's section, for instance, has so many more graphics and is much more user-friendly than I remember it being in the past. It's good to see such progress."

We're all busier than ever so it can be hard to remember to review your department's site. Most successful editors block off a regular time in their calendars. And, they find it efficient and enjoyable to "walk through" their site with their colleagues, taking notes on what they observe and agreeing on a plan of action.

Remember that the Web Team is ready to help you review your site. Drop us a note: web@wheatoncollege.edu

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