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Web renovation working group

Posted on July 10, 2009

As we've been going through the renovation process, setting goals, reviewing design proposals, and building information architecture, we've depended for advice on the members of the Web Renovation Working Group, including representatives from all divisions of the college.

They have been especially helpful in reworking the site navigation. White Whale has reviewed the organization of our site and made recommendations for revisions to the navigation (menus) as well as detailed recommendations for the content of top level pages.

Now we're working with members of the working group to get feedback on the recommendations and settle on new menus where needed. It can be frustrating at times (do we call them "Majors & Minors" or "Departments & Programs"?), but the results are very satisfying. Of course, once we've created a version of the site we'll invite the entire campus in to let us know how well we did!

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