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Printing Options for Students

Printing options for staff can be found here

Please follow any of the following options for public printing on campus. Once you have printed your document you will have 24 hours to retrieve the print out regardless of how you printed the document.

These directions may be used by students and personally owned computers on campus (you must have Wheaton Credentials)

  • Option 1- Send your job by email
    • Attach your print job to an email message (you must use your @wheatoncollege.edu account) and address it to: print@wheatoncollege.edu. You will receive an email within a few minutes to let you know that your document is available to be printed out. Google has an attachment limit of 25 MB. The functional limit of an attachment is roughly 17 MB. If you try to send a message that is over the limit Gmail will block it and send a return message saying that the message was rejected and why. If you need to print something larger than the email allows please log into the Public Desktop's in the Atrium of the Library. You can open your file and then use, the "File", "Print" method or you can use the web-upload method found in Option 2 of this page.
    • To retreive your print job, Visit any public Xerox MFP
    • At the MFP select "Alternate Login" and login with your wID and password (after the first time you log in you will have the option to enroll your wID card so that you will be able to wave it over the card reader instead of logging by typing).
    • Find your print job on the list and release it
  • Option 2 - Use the web interface to submit your job for printing...
    • Point your browser tohttps://print.wheatoncollege.edu/FMCLient
    • Log in with your wID and password
    • On the left select “Upload Print Jobs”
    • Select the “Browse” option and upload the file you wish to print and select “Upload File”
    • Visit any public Xerox MFP
    • At the MFP select “Alternate Login” and login with your wID and password (after the first time you login you have the option to enroll your ID card), then find your job and release it.

Color printing for students is available for a fee, click here for more information.

Have a question that isn't answered here? Visit the FAQ page here!

For more information please contact Technology Support at 508.286.3900

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