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Multifunction Printer (MFP) Project

In Summer 2010 Wheaton College implemented its first managed print environment, offering secure printing/copying/scanning services to the campus community.

In Summer 2015 the College upgraded its managed print environment with new equipment and new software. Check out our FAQ for more information.

  • Summer 2015 FAQ:
    • Q: What's changing?
      • A: All of the hardware (multifunction devices) will be replaced with new machines. The software running the managed print environment will also be replaced with a different software. This is a one-for-one exchange of machines; no additional machines have been added to inventory.
    • Q: Will there be any downtime in services?
      • A: We do not anticipate any interruption in services. The current MFPs and software will continue to work during the transition period. Once the new MFP is in place you’ll simply start using the new machine and software. The old MFP will be removed at the time of replacement.
    • Q: How long will it take to replace the MFPs?
      • A: We anticipate it will take one business week (5 days) to replace all 54 MFPs.
    • Q: Will there be training on the new MFPs?
      • A: We think you’ll be happily surprised at how easy they are to use! We will have vendor representatives on site during the transition week to demonstrate the hardware and software.
    • Q: What's the replacement schedule?
      • A: The first new machines will be delivered on Tuesday, August 4. The first building to receive the new machines will be the Wallace Library. We will work our way through the list of buildings below Tuesday - Friday, August 4-August 7

        Group #1:
        Wallace Library
        Doll’s House
        Science Center (Old and New)
        Kollett Center
        Building & Grounds

        Group #2:
        Mary Lyon
        Park Hall

        Group #3:
        Clark Center
        10 Library Square
        Nursery School
        Multicultural Center
        Global Education
        Counseling Center
        Public Safety

  • Previous MFP project details
    Project Description

    As part of Wheaton College’s ongoing Green Initiatives and Cost-Saving Initiatives, a managed print environment is being implemented on campus. This new way of providing printing, photocopying, and scanning services takes advantage of the latest technology, networked multifunction printers, to replace existing machines while allowing the College to better manage costs and resources. The project will take place in several stages. Multifunction printers (MFPs) are capable of high speed photocopying, printing, scanning, and faxing. The machines will also provide document finishing needs such as hole punching and stapling. The MFPs will be energy and cost efficient, and will be accessed and administered via the campus network.

    • Project Benefits

      Why implement a managed print environment?

      • It’s about greater flexibility for the user. If one MFP device is not functioning, the user can move to any other MFP device to release a printing job.
      • It’s about better managed services. A managed print environment will allow LIS to make sure we have the right devices in the right locations to meet our user needs. Remote administration of the machines allows for analysis of use of the machines -- is one location busier than another? Do we need to place additional machines in a location?
      • It’s about being Green. Every Konica Minolta MFP since 1995 has qualified for the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR qualified imaging equipment delivers the same performance as less efficient, conventional equipment and is at least 30% more efficient. Copiers that have earned the ENERGY STAR not only use less energy, but also power down when not in use, and use about half of the electricity of standard models. ENERGY STAR qualified machines print double-sided pages, reducing both copying and paper costs.
      • It’s about dollars and sense! Allocating and spending our resources wisely.
    • Dollars and Sense

      Desktop Laser Printer vs. Multifunction Printers (based on last year’s "estimated" costs and manufacturer’s standards)

      Desktop laser printing (Device just prints)

      Description Cost Total Cost
      B&W Print Jobs $70,000.00
      Color Print Jobs $33,000.00

      MFP (4 machines in one-- Prints, Scans, Copy's, FAXs)

      Description Cost Total Cost
      B&W Print / Copy Jobs $28,000.00
      Color Print / Copy Jobs $25,000.00
      51% Estimated SAVINGS using MFPs! $50,000.00

      20% Possible Savings Due to Reductions in Paper Waste

      Cost per Sheet Sheets Used Paper Cost Possible 20% Savings
      Paper $0.009 5,500,000 $49,500.00 $9,900.00

      Possible $9,900.00 savings due to reductions in paper waste:
      • Print jobs only get printed when you release them- if you make a mistake or change your mind you have not wasted any paper
      • Scan and FAX to folders and only print out if you need the hard copy
      • Print outs can be released from the MFP device closest to you or from any MFP device accessible
      • More public MFPs devices available (from 4printers to 8 new MFPs) 6 in the Library, 1 in Kollett, and 1 in the Language Lab.

    Project Details

    Stage 1: August 2010
    All photocopiers provided by contract on campus will be replaced with multifunction printers (MFPs). All of the equipment in the Campus Copy Center (Office Services) will also be replaced. The new MFPs will be installed as photocopiers only at first.

    Stage 2: October 2010
    The MFPs will be configured as fully functioning devices (printing, scanning, and faxing as well as photocopying).


    During Stage 1 representatives from Konica Minolta will be on campus to provide users with an overview of the new devices and demonstrate the most widely used functions. An email communication to the entire campus will be sent listing dates, times, and locations for these demonstrations. Once the new MFPs are in place in each department, a Konica Minolta trainer will be available to work with individuals and departments. LIS Technology Support will coordinate training appointments for each department.

    During Stage 2, LIS Technology Support Staff will work individually with users on how to use the fully functioning MFPs.

    January 2013 Project Update


    This Spring, LIS and SGA are partnering on a campaign to reduce printing on campus. The College public printing service will now give every user a running total of prints/photocopies used. No fees are being charged. You’ll simply see how many print/photocopy jobs you use during a semester.

    Why show you how much printing you do? Because during Academic Year 2012 Wheaton students printed and photocopied over 2 million jobs on the 8 public multifunction printers/copiers/scanners (MFPs) located in the Library, the Kollett Center and Meneely Language Lab. That volume of printing and photocopying represents a lot of trees, as well as significant costs in paper, toner, and maintenance.

    What you'll see

    The print accounting software works on a currency basis. Every student has been given a starting balance of $40.00 for the semester. Prints that are double-sided will be charged at $.04 per side. Prints that are single-sided will be charged at $.05 per side. All public MFPs default to double-sided printing.

    When you release a print or photocopy job, your balance will decrease for each side printed.

    If you go over 1000 double-sided prints (the equivalent of 500 pieces of paper), your balance will turn negative. You will still be able to print and photocopy, but we hope you’ll pay attention to the amount of paper and toner you are using! No fees are being charged.

    Spring 2013 FAQs

    • What’s Print Accounting?
      Our managed print environment generates detailed reports on printing and photocopying activities within the environment. The only way we can share information on individual use in realtime is to enable the Print Accounting and the Cost Preview Pop-up Window. This feature tracks usage on a currency basis. We have given each student a starting balance of $40.00 for the semester.Each time you print or photocopy within the managed print environment, your balance will decrease on this schedule: Prints that are double-sided will be charged at $.04 per side. Prints that are single-sided will be charged at $.05 per side. No fees are being charged! This is simply the only way we can show you your use of printing and photocopying services.

    • How will I know how many pages I've used and how many I have left?
      The Cost Preview Pop Up Window will show you the cost of the current job as well as your available balance. The Window will appear whenever and wherever you login to send a print job. If you have the Equitrac printing client installed on your laptop, you’ll see the Cost Preview Window there as well. And you can always check your balance online here: https://p4.wheatonma.edu:2941/webtools. This only works when you are physically connected to the Wheaton College network, or if you use VPN to access the Wheaton College network.
    • Does scanning count against my print allocation?
      No! And we’ve made scanning even easier! Now you can scan your document and email it to yourself.
    • How do visitors use Wheaton printing?
      Norton residents may pay a yearly library membership fee which entitles them to a limited number of pages per visit. Conference and Events attendees have limited printing privileges dependent on their event. Otherwise, printing and photocopying services are restricted to Wheaton students, faculty, and staff.
    • Do part-time students get the same allocation?
      All students are allotted the same allocation.
    • Do student clubs get an allocation too?
      Not at this time. We’re working on how best to manage club allocations. This could be a feature we roll out later in the semester. For now, just use your personal allocations. No fees are being charged.
    • Do Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants get an allocation for work-related printing?
      Not at this time. We’re working on how best to manage special allocations. This could be a feature we roll out later in the semester. For now, just use your personal allocations. No fees are being charged.
    • Do Student Employees get an allocation for work-related printing?
      At some point we hope to be able to issue office credentials, which will take the place of personal allocations for work-related printing and photocopying. For now, continue to use your personal credentials. No fees are being charged.
    • Do I get a new allocation for the summer?
      No If you are on campus during the summer you may use your Spring Semester allocation.
    • Can unused pages be rolled over from one semester to the next?
      No, your allocation is reset at the beginning of each semester.
    • How is double-sided printing counted against my allocation?
      You receive a discount in cost for printing and photocopying double-sided. Note: The default setting on the public printers is set to double-sided, so if you want to print single-sided, you will need to change the default setting.
    • If I go over my allocation in the middle of a print job, what happens?
      All print and photocopy jobs will print regardless of your balance. If you go over your allocation, you’ll see a negative balance. You can continue to track your use of prints and photocopies as your balance goes negative.
    • Known Problems?
      When printing double-sided (duplex) jobs with an odd number of pages in Microsoft products (including WORD and Internet Explorer), the programs have an error that rounds the number of pages up by one. This results in an added cost of $.04 to the print job (due to the Microsoft error).
    Service and Support

    Who to call if there is a problem with the MFP and it needs repair:
    You will need to fill out the MFP Repair / Supply Request form
    Konica service will check in with us everyday and can be here within 4 hours. If a machine can't be fixed within 24 hours they will provide us with a loaner to stay in business.
    Who to call if you need toner:
    Please use the same form as listed above, fill out all the information requested and indicate that you need toner in the Description box
    There is no charge for toner, due to a controlled inventory we can only provide you one toner cartridge at a timeInstructions for staff printing can be found here.
    Instructions for student printing can be found here.
    Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

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