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WARNING Email Scams!!!

Posted on November 8, 2013

Who: All Wheaton College Email Users
What: WARNING Email Scams! NEVER give anyone your passwords or other personal information
Why: To provide information on how to handle fraudulent emails

Details: We are writing to inform the Wheaton community about the recent increase in malicious personal information capturing emails and malware being sent to some email users. Please remember … if you receive any email requesting your username or password DO NOT COMPLY! Some of these emails may include a link to a webpage that may even look like a Wheaton web page but it is not!!

Currently, in the news, there is a piece of malware out there called CryptoLocker. Here is a link to more information. This piece of malware tries to hold your data hostage and asks for a "ransom" fee to remove it. Once you activate it the only choice we have it to wipe and reformat your computer… so long data… or pay the two or three hundred dollar ransom fee. Wheaton uses an application called ESET that will provide us some protection provided it is updated regularly and not turned off for any reason. This software is also provided free of charge to all student. Contact support@wheatoncollege.edu for more information.

LIS will NEVER send you an email asking for usernames and passwords. These messages should be deleted immediately. As a reminder for general email safety, with all unsolicited emails or pop up messages always err on the side of caution. Contact LIS Tech Support at extension 3900 if you are ever concerned about an email you receive.

If you have any further questions please contact Support@wheatoncollege.edu or call Tech Support at 508.286.3900.

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