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  • 2016 Walking Challenge

    March 25th Kickoff in Lyons Lounge, 11:00am – 1:00pm More »
  • Upcoming Workshops

    March 8,16, 24, 2016 Celebrating 65 Information Sessions, 10:00-11:00 am in Woolley Room. Presented by Harvard Pilgrim’s Ed Esty. Make sense of social security, simplify Medicare & review healthcare in retirement.   April 7, 2016 Food Shopping 101,  12:30-1:30 pm in PDR 1&2, Emerson. Presented by Julianne McLaughlin The supermarket can be a landmine when […] More »
  • Scorpion Surprise: Permanent Collection Purchase Arrives with Unexpected Guest

    The following story was written and submitted by Leah Niederstadt, Assistant Professor of Museum Studies & Curator of the Permanent Collection. Wheaton’s Permanent Collection holds more than 6,000 objects ranging from Greco-Roman antiquities to 21st century prints and drawings. However, relatively few of these objects - fewer than 200 - were created by people of […] More »
  • Save the Date: Lyons Learning Day

    Wednesday, June 1st will be the second annual Lyons Learning Day. While it feels far away, it will be here before we know it. Plan to take part in the day, join in the lunch festivities and perhaps present. The committee is taking proposals from those interested in presenting; please submit to any of the following committee members […] More »
  • Campus Spotlight: John Bragel and the Dining Services Team

    As we all know, the dining options and spaces have changed recently at Wheaton… for the better.  Many people’s efforts and hard work were involved in these projects and the entire Wheaton community is thankful for a job well done. When asked if he is happy with the dining hall renovations at Chase, John Bragel […] More »
  • Steve Flint took the Grand Prize!

    If you have ever encountered a computer issue here at Wheaton College then you have likely had the pleasure of being helped out by LIS's own Steve Flint. Steve has been providing superb technical support to the Wheaton College community for four years. In addition to his computer skills, Steve is also an accomplished photographer. […] More »
  • A Life is Saved on Howard Street

    On Friday, December 4th, on Howard Street, the life of a young child was saved thanks to some serendipitous timing and quick thinking. Nolan Plasse and David Brown of the Physical Plant were driving down Howard Street when they stopped due to a car parking haphazardly in front of them. They waited for the roadway to be clear with a United […] More »
  • Wheaton Cares

    Over the course of the next several newsletters, we will highlight the volunteer work done by Wheaton staff members who have signed the Wheaton Cares pledge.  To learn more about the pledge, click here.  If you are engaged in community service or volunteer work of some kind we would love to hear from you. Contact […] More »
  • Weather Emergencies

    Since Wheaton is primarily a residential college, our operations will normally continue unless weather conditions are so serious that a decision is made to close the college or delay opening. When the weather is bad, you can find out if the college is closing or delaying opening by calling the announcement line at 508-286-8285 or […] More »
  • Upcoming HR Workshops

    Dec. 10, 2015 Portion Distortion, 12:30-1:30pm, Woolley Room Presented by Julianne McLaughlin - Food portions have grown enormously over the years; learn how much we really need. Dec. 11, 2015 Preparing for the Holidays – Healthy & Tasty Meals, 12:00-1:30pm, Chase Small Presented by Aramark - A delicious session that will help make the holidays healthier […] More »