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Wheaton College Hosts a Food Summit

Posted on November 7, 2012

Through the collaborative efforts of the Office of Service, Spirituality and Social Responsibility (SSSR), the student food group AfterTaste, Professor Donna Kerner and students of her Anthropology class, FEAST or Famine, all came together to host a series of talks about food. Over the course of three nights conversations were held on food topics ranging from community-supported agriculture (CSA), to genetically modified foods, food deserts, what it means to be organic, what it means to be vegan, and so many more topics of food. The conversations carried from one night to the next.

Table Talk, facilitated by Professor Kerner, was the opening event of the Food Summit. Donna welcomed guest speakers from Crystal Springs Earth Learning Center, and from the organization The Red Tomato, both from Plainville, MA. On the second night of the Food Summit, students welcomed a guest speaker from the Humane League who talked about animal rights, unethical treatment of animals and the inhumane conditions and poor practices that still exist in many food industries. The final event of the summit was much more positive. This event, How to Start a Working Farm, provided a first hand account of two young women from Rosasharn Farm, who did just that, becoming farmers while still in college.

For more information, please click on the above links or contact Bernice Morrissey to learn more about the slow food movement on campus.

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