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Posted on September 28, 2012

Don’t know what Google is? You’ve probably been living in the wilderness for the past ten years. Whether it’s your favorite search engine or you are a devout Gmail user for email, most people are familiar with Google in some capacity.  Google isn’t just for searching the Internet though; they also have a whole suite of productivity tools.

Launched earlier this year, Google Drive stores your documents and allows you to edit and share them online. You can even have multiple people collaborate on one document at the same time. Google Docs lives within Google drive and contains the applications that allow you to create a document, presentation, spreadsheet, form, or drawing.

Google Calendar has some of the same great options as other Google productivity tools: your calendar can be accessed online from anywhere and it can easily be shared with others.  You also have the ability to color code different activities and include a task list along with your daily appointments.

Perhaps one of the least utilized Google tool is Google Sites. With a Google account you can use Sites to create websites that have multiple pages and a sophisticated appearance, all without you having to learn HTML or do any coding. The sites can have different permissions on them, meaning that you can make them available to the whole wide world, shared with just a few people, or private so that only you can access it.

Google prides itself on making products that are intuitive to use and easily accessible, so rather than reading about how easy they are to use, go and try some today.

Submitted by: Lauren Slingluff
Social Sciences Liaison/LIS

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