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Upcoming Major Religious Holidays

Fall Semester 2015

The following are only those holidays that are either regularly observed on campus or are days of obligation that conflict with our academic schedule. We'd like to hear from you about other religious holy days that you would like to see included on this calendar. Contact Dean Vereene at vparnell@wheatoncollege.edu.



2nd Day of the Dead (Details to Follow)

12th Diwali (Details to Follow)



Major Religious Holidays

Spring Semester 2015


17th Shrove Tuesday- Christian

18th Ash Wednesday- Christian

19th Chinese New Year- Confucian, Daoist, Buddhist


5th Purim- Jewish (Begins at sundown on the 4th)

6th Holi- Hindu (Will be celebrated on campus on the 1st of May)

29th Palm Sunday- Christian


3rd Good Friday- Christian

4th-11th Pesach/Passover- Jewish (Begins at sundown on the 3rd)

5th Easter- Christian

16th Yom HaShoah- Jewish (begins at sundown on the 15th)


24th Pentecost- Christian





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