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  • Mia Cambi '16

    Wouldn't You Like a Barbie Doll Instead?

    The fact that Little Sally is raising issues of gender equality and sexism in popular media suggests that Santa better watch out. The times might be changing. By Mia Cambi '16 More »
  • Megan Barnes '18

    Best Buds or What?

    Today we might guess that photographs of two men holding hands and sitting on each others' laps would indicate they were gay. But not so in the 19th century. Why did the expression of male affection change? By Megan Barnes '18 More »
  • Rachel Iafolla '18

    An Abandoned America

    Why are ruins so evocative? What can they tell us about who we were then and who we are now? By Rachel Iafolla '18 More »
  • Andrew Esancy '17

    Where the Buffalo Roam? The Story of the American Bison

    The virtual extermination of the American Bison was an environmental disaster. But the backstory is even worse. By Andrew Esancy '17 More »
  • Photo of Abigail Wing

    Left and Right-Gun Permits

    Views on gun permits are similar, across political parties by Abigail Wing '18 More »
  • Photo of Nicholas Liotta '17

    Trust in Government

    Why are we seeing such high levels of distrust for the American government? by Nick Liotta '17 More »
  • Stephanie Reeves

    How Have Attitudes Towards Working Mothers Changed?

    Has the image of the homemaker been displaced by images of today's working woman? by Stephanie Reeves '16 More »
  • Lily Munsill '15

    Are Funeral Homes Killing the Environment?

    So what are you going to do with your body when you die? By Lily Munsill '15 More »
  • Ciara Sidell '15

    What if Cities Looked a Little More Like Farms?

    Upon graduating from college, will I be able get a job in New York City, joining a tide of business-suited execs on their morning commute, while dressed in my coveralls and heading to my farm in mid-town Manhattan? By Ciara Sidell '15 More »
  • Lies, Damn Lies and Obamacare

    If Obamacare doesn't seem to be working it's because "the vandals took the handles". In this case the villains are the Koch brothers by Sam Hammond '15 More »