Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
Student Government Association

Class Councils

The Class Councils are responsible for planning events respective to their own class; and also to collaborate with other classes to produce campus-wide programming. Notable events planned by the Councils include: Class Weekend, the Bash, Rosecliff (senior ball), and all the events that occur during Senior Week and Spring Weekend.

Current Class Council Leaders:

Nataja Flood 2016 President  
Olivia Edwards 2016 Vice President  
Ruth Gukpo 2016 Treasurer  
Marielle Thete 2016 Secretary  
Marissa Varasso 2017 President  
Forrest Sung 2017 Vice President  
Allie Taylor 2017 Treasurer  
Tiffany Torres 2017 Secretary  
Akrofi Akotiah 2018 President  
William Funk 2018 Vice President  
Dolma Yangdon 2018 Treasurer  
Sammy Zaidi 2018 Secretary  
Roger Freeman 2019 President  
Omar Raouf 2019 Vice President  
  2019 Treasurer    
Celia Graham 2019 Secretary  

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