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  • Team Leader

    Team leaders will assume a role of leadership in all aspects of the U.S. College Advantage Program, including: academic support, social/educational programming, building interpersonal and cross-cultural relationships, and residence hall life. A positive contribution is expected of all team leaders, as they will consistently aim to assist in the facilitation and support of all program […] More »
  • Admission Intern

    Admission Intern is a position whose overarching responsibility is to assist the Admission Office in its recruiting and enrollment efforts. More »
  • Media Services Assistant III

    This position provides front-line support for Media Services, classroom technology and other media-equipped rooms on campus. The Media Services department supports events, conferences, and lectures. More »
  • Balfour-Hood Building Manager

    Building Managers are responsible for coordinating the operations and services of the Balfour-Hood Campus Center in the absence of, or to supplement the services of, the professional staff. They are also responsible to monitor the Campus Center and report any security concerns. Work shifts are from 8pm-2am. More »
  • Pinecroft School Classroom Intern

    Under the direction of the classroom teacher, the intern in an independent school, combined-grade classroom, will help to provide a supportive and stimulating environment where students can explore and identify their individual talents and learning styles. More »
  • Summer Orientation Coordinator (May 10 - August 31, 2015)

    These individuals will share responsibility for the overall planning and execution of New Student Orientation, CORE August. There are 2-3 Student Coordinators positions depending on funding. These are summer positions --May 10, 2015 to August 31, 2015—also may include some committee meetings and OA hiring prior to the conclusion of the semester and event support […] More »
  • CORE Leaders (Temporary Position - June 10-19, 2015)

    CORE Leaders will be hired to welcome, mentor and engage members of the Class of 2019 during their overnight stay on campus. During the CORE June program, CORE Leaders will share their Wheaton experience and help new students feel connected to the community both academically and socially. We are looking for students with leadership experience […] More »