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  • Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership Office
    • The SAIL office is the hub of all student events and activities.  Visit SAIL for student club advising or to plan an event. The SAIL office also offers leadership development programs throughout the academic year.
    • Office is located on the third floor of Balfour above the Café.
    • Elevator: 3rd Level
  • Office of Residential Life
    • Most of Wheaton's 1,550 students live on campus. Become part of your community by becoming a Resident Advisor or planning an event in your residence hall.
    • Office is located on the third floor of Balfour above the Café.
    • Elevator: 3rd Level
  • Rhodes Student Leadership Office
    • This office is a gathering place for students to utilize programming resources, collaborate, check your club mailbox, and attend to student club business. The Student Leadership Assistants are happy to answer any questions you may have about student clubs and programming on-campus. The Student Banker also holds office hours in this space.
    • The office is located on the first floor off the Atrium.
    • Elevator: 1 Lower Level
  • Fitness Center
    • Exercise your body with free weights, nautilus stations and aerobic workout equipment which are all available for students, faculty and staff. Locker rooms are adjacent to the Fitness Center.
    • Located on the Dimple side of the first floor, past the WCCS broadcast booth and up the ramp.
    • Elevator: 1 Lower Level
  • The Buzz
    • The Buzz desk is a central campus location for students and student groups to utilize when seeking a place to hold fundraisers such as bake sales or distribute information about their group/event.
    • Located in the Atrium
    • Elevator: 1 Lower Level
  • Conference and Event Services
    • The office coordinates campus events, including room reservations, equipment requests and food requests. During the summer months this office manages several athletic camps and youth programs that are hosted by Wheaton College.
    • Find this office on the first floor, beyond the WCCS broadcast booth and just before the ramp.
    • Elevator: 1 Upper Level
  • Office and Campus Mail Services
    • With various colors and sizes of paper, multiple copy and fax machines, this is your one stop shop for all things paper. This Office is also responsible for sorting and distributing campus mail, the Campus Mail Services offers student, faculty and administrative mailboxes, on-campus and off campus mail boxes.
    • Located directly off the Atrium.
    • Elevator: 1 Lower Level

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