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Late Night Collaboration Board

Posted on October 25, 2012

The Late Night Collaboration Board supports and encourages creative, new non-alcoholic social events on Friday and Saturday nights. This Board enjoys working with student clubs to strengthen alternative social events available to students.

Funding Preferences

  • New, creative events or activities.
  • Events or activities sponsored by more than one student club -especially those co-sponsored by organizations that have not traditionally worked together. Each sponsoring group must identify its roles and responsibilities for the event as a co-sponsor. We request that a representative for each of the sponsoring groups be present for the proposal meeting with the board.

Event or Activity Requirements

  • Events must be open to all Wheaton College students.
  • Events or activities must be non-alcoholic social event alternatives
  • Events must be held on a Friday or Saturday evening, preferably not ending until after midnight.
  • Any funding not used shall be returned to the funding board.
  • The Late Night Collaboration Board does not support fundraisers. There may not be a charge or donation requested at the door to enter the event. Fundraising must not be a primary goal of the event. Clubs may have a table on the side for donations to charity.

Advertising Requirements

  • Events will be actively promoted to all students.
  • Advertising will include the use of the college calendar.
  • All events receiving funding will identify this fund as the source of their funds by using the phrase “supported by”.

The Board is looking to fund 3 large scale events in the spring semester. These events must be new and creative events. Clubs may request funding for an annual event to enhance the event and attract a broader audience.

Funding proposals are due by Friday, November 30. Email the proposal to pye_rebecca@wheatonma.edu

Download the proposal here: Late Night Collaboration Proposal

Fund availability: All recognized student clubs are welcome to apply.

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