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Summer Housing

A limited amount of housing available to undergraduate Wheaton students who wish to remain on campus over the summer.  Because space is limited, priority is given to first Wheaton Fellows/On Campus Employees and Summer Students.  Secondarily, any remaining space would be available to students with with local jobs and internships.

Below is information about Summer Housing for the 2017 Summer Semester

Wheaton Fellowships & On Campus Jobs

Students who have a full-time campus job (averaging over 20 hours per week) or have received Wheaton Fellowships will be given priority in consideration for summer housing.  Additional priority will be given to these students who need housing for the entire summer as opposed to requests for only a portion of the summer.  To be granted priority consideration, applications must be submitted prior to the priority deadline.

Summer Students

Wheaton students taking classes here for the summer are also given priority housing consideration for the summer term.  For housing, the summer term begins the day before classes start and ends the day after classes end.  To be granted priority consideration, applications must be submitted prior to the priority deadline.

Once you have registered for your course, you can submit your housing application.  Enrollment will be confirmed by the Registrar's Office.  Please follow this link for more information about the Summer Session.

Housing after the summer session is over may be requested. You must have a reason to be on campus (job, internship, etc.).  Housing is not guaranteed and will be offered based on availability.

Other Wheaton Students

After the priority deadline other applications will be considered based on availability.  Priority will be given to:

  1. Full-Time Employees & Wheaton Fellows wanting weekly rate
  2. Students with local commitments wanting the entire summer
  3. Students with local commitments wanting weekly rates
  4. Students with any local commitment who have just graduated in May.

You must be able to explain and justify your obligations to live on campus in the summer.  You can apply at any time, but applications will only be considered after the priority deadline.

Recently graduated students will be considered if housing remains after current students requests have been filled.



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