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Head of the Peacock makes a splash!

Posted on April 24, 2013

As the sun peaked through the clouds over Peacock Pond, the Head of the Peacock was on full display as members from all over campus flocked the event in anticipation for a great display of craftsmanship, school spirit and a few laughs. With 18 boats and over 100 students participating, the regatta certainly lived up to its billing as one of the highlights of Spring Weekend.

In preparation for the Head of the Peacock Regatta, students team together to build and design their own homemade water vessels. Some made from twigs, and others from inflatable rafts, the boats must be capable of holding all of the team members throughout the entire race without falling apart. Like in previous years, the 2013 regatta did not fail to entertain the crowd with an entertaining array of impressive concoctions and precipitous failures.

While some boats could not manage to make it off the starting line, some boats turned in impressive performances on the pond. Most notably were two boats who managed to bring home the honor and bragging rights of being champions in their respective divisions.

In the small boat division, Structural Damage, captained by Griffin Hanley, Kyle Kiernan and Sam Neill, lapped the competition in their three-man vessel. Winning their first race by default, the team advanced to the finals full of energy and charisma. Facing off against 3 other boats, Structural Damage dominated the competition from the opening gate and easily completed the race before their opponents could even challenge them. Before returning to the dock, Structural Damage took a victory lap around the pond, showing off their award winner vessel for hundreds of on looking fans.

In the big boat division, Beheamoth dominated all competition from the opening heat. With six person ship, manned by Ryan Barrette, Emma Corwin, Lindsay Curtin, Stephanie Drake, Hao Lu and David LeFleche, Beheamoth left everyone in their wake with their well-designed boat and strong team dynamic. Masked with face and body paint, Beheamoth cruised through the first round and championship races without a semblance of a challenger. As they celebrated their victory, they concluded the 2013 Head of the Peacock regatta.

With another year full of laughs and fun times, the Head of the Peacock did not disappoint in 2013. With next year’s regatta marking the 25th anniversary of the maiden voyage of Wheaton ships, the anticipation and excitement is already growing for an all-time great event.

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