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What is Psi Chi?

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology. It is an academic organization devoted to "the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology."* Psi Chi is organized into a collection of chapters in over 1,000 colleges and universities in both the United States and Canada. The benefits of membership into Psi Chi are numerous and include national recognition, a sense of community, opportunities for leadership development and student research, and the eligibility for financial aid in the form of awards, grants, and merit-based scholarships. For more information about Psi Chi see their website www.psichi.org.

The Psi Chi chapter at Wheaton College was chartered on May 4, 1987, and is currently advised by Professor Rolf Nelson, Ph.D. and Professor Meg Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. Students may be nominated to join Psi Chi in either their junior or senior year at Wheaton.


In order to be consider for selection to Psi Chi at Wheaton, you must:
1. be enrolled as a major or minor in a psychology program or a program psychological in nature that is equivalent to a psychology major, this includes psychobiology majors
3. have completed at least 6 psychology courses
3. have an overall GPA of 3.3 or higher
4. have a psychology GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Members of Psi Chi 2013-14

Elysha Bosworth '15
Lauren Corigliano '15
Kaylyn Dorsey '15
Emily Galos '15
Catherine Gilbert '15
Rayne McGlamery '15
Dana MacDonald '15
Melissa McCann '15
Lauren Vicik '15
Ryan Ward '15
Wyll Everett '14
Jennifer Gibson '14
Nicholas Hebda '14
Ariel Hoadley '14
Benjamin Kupper '14
Kathryn Mason '14
Leila Mills '14
Jessica Moore '14
Kristin Skelton '14
Alexandra Strawbridge '14
Alix Voyajopoulos '14
Hannah Whitley '14
Andrea Balagur '15
Xue Gong '15
Leslie Gould '15
Kelly Jochems '15
Daryl Olson '15
Chloe Sarapas '15
Michaela Tietz '15
Sarah Varney '15

Members of Psi Chi 2012-13
Patrick Crane '14
Amanda Daigle '14
Shoshana Kruskal '14
Megan Ludwig '14
Ali McCarthy '14
Christopher Panzini '14
Cassandra Peltola '14
Nina Sasser '14
Emily Stoddard '14
Emily Swalec '14
Blair Usedom '14
Kara-Jane Walker '14
Tara Caney '13
Elyse Doherty '13
Vanessa Fuchs '13
Alexandra Lund '13
Megan O’Toole '13
Allison Rainville '13
Michael Richard '13

Members of Psi Chi 2011-12
Christiana Dodd Butera ‘12
Emily Jeanne Chadwick ‘11
Julie Christ Comart ‘11
Emily Elisabeth Davisson ‘12
Liza Graham Detenber ‘12
Kelsey Gabriel Dorwart ‘11
Elizabeth Laura Hughes ‘12
Mary Emily Howell ‘12
Michelle Jamie Lipkin ‘12
Jennifer Youngmi Park
Craig Phillip Polizzi ‘12
Samantha Alice Salamack ‘12
Elizabeth Leigh Salner ‘11
Jocelyn Cara Saltzman ‘12
Lauren Nicole Schmidt ‘11
Colleen Kathryn Smith ‘12
Heather Ann-Marie Sykes ‘12

Members of Psi Chi 2010-11
Julia Chandler Atwood ‘11
Michael Brian Brickley ‘11
Tess Alexandra Cunard ‘11
Joshua Michael Fisher ‘11
Kathleen Ann Nelson ‘11
Katherine Mary Lavoie-Mayer ‘11
Emily Lynn Parker ‘11
Sara Michele Hollar ‘11
Julia Catherine Rettig January ‘11
Ryan Kelly McCaffrey ‘11
Lacresha Lashawn Simpson ‘11
Shannon Melissa Witter ‘11

Members of Psi Chi 2009-10
Stefana Maria Albu '10
Rachel M. Arbesfeld '09
Elise Lauretta Barrar '10
Heidi-Carolyn Juliette Bedard '10
Rachel Callanan '10
Julia Kerins Carmody '09
Sherri Lynn Conklin '10
Joseph Michael Donahue '10
Kristen Leigh Fahey '10
Molly Rose Galdston '09
Sara Caroline Green '09
Ayelet Grunes '09
Alexandra Marie Hyszczak '09
Morgan Susan Jamiel '09
Christine Virginia Keaney '10
Ashley Diane Kuhn '09
Catherine Elizabeth Lawrence '10
Anna Lee Littlehale '10
Hilary Thompson Magruder '09
Jessica Elizabeth Meisner '09
Liana Elizabeth Merrill '09
May Michaely '09
Sarah Ruth Moreland '09
Rachel Torstenson Moulton '09
Elizabeth Grace Mundy '10
Emma Laura Musselman '09
Kayla Elaine Rack '10
Claudia Lucia Rodezno '09
Hannah Rachel Roosa '09
Kailyn Marie Schmidt '09
Lucy Isabelle Sole '09
Anastacia M. Spang '09
Gretchen Maryagnes Stearns '09
Paul William Thomas '09
Elizabeth Hutton Walk '09
Jessica Noelle Webb '09
Stacy Eloise Zickl '09

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