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Provost’s Advisory Committee

The Provost's Advisory Committee (PAC) consists of four tenured faculty, at least one from each academic division, and two untenured faculty, representing two different divisions.  Three of the four tenured faculty serve staggered 3-year terms and one serves a 2-year term.  The three tenured members serving three-year terms will be elected from each of the academic divisions; the tenured faculty member serving a two-year term will be elected from either of the academic divisions other than the one from which a member is to be elected to a three-year term beginning at the same time.  The two untenured faculty serve two-year terms.  If an untenured faculty member receives tenure during her/his term on the Committee, s/he remains on the Committee in the untenured slot.


  • John Partridge (2016)
  • Laura Ekstrom (2 yr. term)(2016)
  • Montserrat Perez (2 yr. term)(2016)
  • Charlotte Meehan (2017)
  • Gerry Huiskamp (2 yr. term) (2017)
  • Mark LeBlanc (2018)
  • Kim Miller (Sp. 2016)
For Faculty Legislation regulating this committee, for the charge to it, and for its general practices, please visit the site for the Committee on Committees and Agenda (in the right-hand column on this page) and consult the relevant portions.

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