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Committee on Committees and Agenda

At the heart of the Wheaton faculty's self-governance is the work of the Committee on Committees and Agenda (COCA). The Committee, in accordance with Faculty Legislation, holds regular elections and conducts special elections as required; it makes some appointments and suggests others; it maintains a reserve list of past members of all standing committees. It is also in charge of the agenda for faculty meetings, and conducts all meetings of the Committee of the Whole. It strives for ever-greater transparency both in its procedures and in the publication of its results. To these ends, the following documents are made available. Any questions that you may have may be directed to the current Chair of COCA, Chris Kalberg.

Resources on this page are the following:

  • a list of the members of the standing committees of the faculty for academic year 2012-2013;
  • a list of the current members of the standing committees along with a description of their terms of office and the manner and order of their election;
  • the Reserve Lists, a tabulation of former members of the standing committees, when they came off of their committees and when they were subsequently asked to serve as substitutes;
  • a description of the elections that will be held in the spring of 2012; that is, for those who are ending their terms of service and will need to be replaced. Faculty members who are looking for committee service are especially encouraged to look here;
  • an excerpt from current faculty legislation that describes the general practices and procedures that govern all committees; a few procedural notes from COCA are included;
  • excerpts from current faculty legislation describing in detail the charges to the several committees.

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