Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Zachary Agush

Policy making: My major is in Political Science with a double minor in Sociology and Public Policy. I see myself as an agent of change and politics is the way in which I feel I express it best. I have had the honor of serving on the Student Government Association for all four years with two years on the Senate, a year as the Treasurer, and the role of the Vice President this year. I’ve also participated in the Roosevelt Institute and had a policy briefing published in the organization’s annual “10 Ideas” Journal series, which is distributed to numerous Federal level government agencies and the entire membership of Congress.

Green action: I have had many accomplishments over my years of service but none stands out more than implementing the Greener Wheaton Competition in collaboration with former SGA President, Austin Simko ’09. The competition was set up to encourage individuals to conserve heating and electricity so the College could put the savings into critically needed financial aid for members of the student body.

Campaign trailing: My internship role for the Joe Kennedy campaign has been to work with the campaign’s policy director in developing policy briefings. Specifically, I analyze datasets to unlock critical details that will assist the candidate in having a better position on the issues facing the district, whether it’s in talking with the media about foreclosures or income inequalities or with constituents about matters of local concern. It’s not every day that there is a competitive race in Massachusetts, and this is a very unique opportunity to work on a campaign in a district in which I’ve been born, raised and educated. I plan on working with the campaign as much as possible this summer.

Life-changing moment: On one hot afternoon in April, I was walking to the train station (in Boston) when I saw several homeless men sitting on the curb outside the State House. Some were trying to speak with State House employees who were walking by to get any form of assistance, only to be ignored. It then hit me like a brick – these individuals had been left behind by the system, effectively having no voice. It was after that one moment, I wanted to become part of the solution.