Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Stephen Wakely

This summer. I will be taking a position as the head of a “wilderness/adventure” therapy program. For the past two summers I have interned for The Learning Clinic, a private institution in Brooklyn, Conn., for children with one or more clinical issues, such as mood disorder, anxiety disorder, impaired attention and low-level autistic disorder.

Adventures in education.  I will join a clinical therapist and co-worker in leading weekly adventure/wilderness therapy sessions. The Learning Clinic has a long history of strong reliance on experiential education and experiential modalities of treatment in their work with young people. With the recent development of newly acquired properties in Maine, those opportunities are about to expand with the addition of regular and ongoing access to a unique, challenging, “wilderness” experience.

Wilderness classroom. Our students will have the opportunity to be involved in many activities that they otherwise would not be exposed to and that will challenge them as they expand their repertoire of experiences, problem-solving skills and coping skills. Among the many activities will be canoeing and kayaking, fishing, hiking in new and challenging environments, map and compass work, GPS use, wilderness photography, forestry and wood lot management, wetland management and erosion control, trail planning and construction, and work in conjunction with local artisans and artists.

Learning and doing. In addition to working at The Learning Clinic, I will be studying for the GREs and will eventually apply for a graduate Phd program in Clinical Psychology.