Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Stefani Filak

Knows that everyone needs help.
I had a mother with twins whose delivery of the second twin took six hours after the first. We had to be patient. I practice in a hospital where the nursing staff is very supportive. I also had a colleague assist me. We all worked together. Eventually the second girl came and all was well. I have found that it never hurts to ask for help when the unexpected occurs.

Knows that a good start is important.
Wheaton gave me confidence. My teachers identified in me strengths that I hadn’t connected with yet. I made friends that I have to this day, who helped make me the person I am today. Wheaton was an absolute foundation.

Knows that change is part of growth.
After Wheaton became co-ed, it took me a few years to believe it could be just as good as when it was a women’s college. In my heart I wish it were still single sex, but changes happen. Fortunately, Wheaton continues to be committed to equally motivating both female and male students who are eager to meet the world’s challenges. That’s why I continue to support the next generation of professionals and leaders.