Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Stacey Liberman ’13

Joins City Year to make a difference

Waves of discovery: As a freshman, I was leaning toward declaring a Psychobiology major because of a neuroscience course I enjoyed in high school. The Filene Center then helped me find an internship at an EEG lab and at a sleep center for the summer. The experience of truly seeing how the brain functions in healthy and sick individuals was captivating, and it convinced me that I wanted to pursue Psychobiology.

All hands on deck: I’m excited to be surrounded by people at City Year who are eager to help students succeed and to change the world! City Year’s mission is to serve at-risk students and to guarantee that 80% of the student body reaches 10th grade on time and at grade level. I’m looking forward to becoming part of an organization that offers every student the tools to become successful in school and helps them take responsibility for their own education.

Knowledge is power: I’m not graduating with a degree in Education, but I have always been interested in it. My family is full of teachers, I love learning, and I believe that a person’s education is his or her most valuable asset.

Best foot forward: I discovered City Year at an event the Filene Center and Wheaton’s Chemistry Department held called Major Connections in Chemistry. One of the panelists, a Wheaton alum, spoke about how she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do after Wheaton, but then heard about, applied to, and spent two years serving at City Year Boston. Once I began my application, I worked closely with Sheila Dvorin at the Filene Center, who provided feedback and helped me polish my application essays.

Home ties: I’m moving back to New Hampshire to serve with City Year in Manchester. I chose that location because I want to create change in a very diverse community to which I have a close connection.

A leg up: My ultimate career goal is to become a genetic counselor. Studying Psychobiology with Chemistry and Community Health has allowed me to complete all of the prerequisites for genetic counseling graduate programs.

By Adara Meyers ’08