Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Solomon Odame

Activities? I am involved in many student organizations such as Senator of Student Government Association, Vice President of United Men Of Color (UMC) and Preceptor Program. I also work as a student technician for Library Information Services on the weekday and a student DJ during the weekend nights.

Favorite class/professor? Theatre and Social Change is one of my favorite classes here at Wheaton. Professor Daniels compiled a great course with visits from profound artists like Tim Miller. I found the strength in my voice and actions in the class.

My travels: Currently, I am in South Africa on a Gilman Scholarship, studying sociology at Rhodes University. Prior to that, I was in Trinidad and Tobago studying Ethnomusicology with Professor Julie Searles. My next stop will be Ghana where I will be a volunteer for The Mmofra Trom Center. I will have several responsibilities such as designing and delivering an after-school program and assisting with a micro-loan program. I am currently applying for the Wheaton Davis Fellowship to fund my summer experience.

Follow me: I started a blog about my travels in 2010. The blog is a way of journaling my experience abroad and my growth as a global citizen.

Favorite dish? Fufu, which is a West African dish.

Most memorable news story? When President Obama visited Ghana in July of 2009. All eyes were on my beloved country and not only were we great hosts, but we showed the world the Africa dream.