Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Simone Hartwell-Ishikawa

Simone Hartwell-Ishikawa is studying at the University of Edinburgh this spring, and taking a class at Wheaton, via Skype.

An idea is born. I took Professor Drout’s Anglo-Saxon class last semester and was really interested in continuing on to take Beowulf. I have read Beowulf several times, and I really wanted a chance to study it in greater depth.

Experimental class. I remember lamenting to my friend Namiko about how I wished that I could take Beowulf in the spring, and I joked that she could always bring me to class on Skype. It started out as a joke, but when we mentioned it to Professor Drout, he said we could give it a try. It has been a great experience.

Calling Grendel. Skyping to Beowulf has been great, although I find it very frustrating that I can’t actually raise my hand in class. It is rather hard to ask questions when you are a disembodied head, sitting on a desk.

Scottish semester. I am studying Medieval History, Political Science and Shakespeare while in Edinburgh. The classes are interesting and I like learning material I am already familiar with from a different perspective. However, we get much less work here. Although I appreciate the free time, I actually miss having assignments to complete. I absolutely love the city; it is truly a beautiful place.

Return trip. I miss the rugby team the most. I am playing here, but I greatly look forward to coming back for the fall season. I also miss Wheaton classes, which are smaller and fair livelier than the classes here.

Tackle this. Aside from my studies, rugby  is the aspect of my life I spend the most time on.  The girls on the team are great and it definitely has had a positive impact on my college experience.