Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Robert Osborne

Why philosophy? I was going to be a psychology major. I had planned on it for a while. My mother is a clinical psychologist with her own practice, and I had always wanted to study psychology and do what she does. But two weeks into philosophy 101 freshman year, I changed my mind and declared as a philosophy major.

What’s new? I was recently accepted as an assistant editor to the undergraduate philosophy journal Stance, published at Ball State University. I will be helping them select papers for the next issue of the journal. I will present my paper “Time and Consciousness: A Phenomenological View” at an undergraduate conference of the Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium at The College of New Jersey on February 27th.

Favorite professor? I would have to say it is a tie between Professors Partridge and Kendrick. Both professors are funny, kind and intelligent, and they are passionate about what they are teaching and teach it well.

Most thrilling adventure? Honestly, coming to college and learning to live in a new environment. I have learned so much about myself here, and have changed so much since freshman year. It has certainly been an adventure.

Favorite movie? I would say that V for Vendetta is my favorite movie. First, it’s just incredibly well done; secondly,  it’s a great story of good overcoming evil, of a free man, and a free people, overcoming tyranny.